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What is the stunt scooter high elastic wheel

The PU high elastic wheel of the stunt scooter has always been a hot sale product of our CALS FOX.But do you know the origin of the high-elastic wheel and the production standards?What are good scooter high elastic wheel?   In the early using skateboard wheels, there were two types: soft wheels and hard wheels.Among them, because of the soft cushioning and shock absorption of soft wheels, people mostly use soft wheels as a daily using choice.When players want to do some fancy moves with a scooter, they will switch to hard wheels in pursuit of faster speed and jumping height.However, due to the limited level of previous production technology, there will easy to be serious wear and tear on the soft wheels, and also had lack of protection of the hard wheels to the players.   In order to combine the advantages of soft and hard wheels, with the development of technology, the high-elastic wheels came into being.In order for a high-elastic wheel to have the cushioning effect of soft wheel and the acceleration performance of hard wheel, the scooter wheel must have a rebound rate of 85% and a hardness of 88A to be called as a high-elastic…
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Australia scooter journey — Sydney

After many years of operation, CLAS FOX has established very good relations with brands and manufacturers in many countries and regions in the world. In the fall of this year, we accepted an invitation from one of Australia’s partners to bring our latest series of high-elastic wheels to Australia for product development,and also had a wonderful product experience tour with local scooter pros and fans.We also felt the joy and passion of the roller skating sport in the cities of Sydney and Brisbane. Sydney, located on the southeast coast of Australia, is the largest and most populous city in Australia.This world-famous city has also hosted many important international sporting events, and the sports atmosphere here is very strong. There are a lot of parks in Sydney, and many of them are designed with skatepark for the citizens to play and train.By the time of school or on weekends, people will bring their favorite scooters to the skatepark and enjoy the sweat. At the recommendation of the partner, we came to a place called Marouba beach, which is on the same coastline as the world famous Bondi beach.Since Marouba beach is a residential area nearby, there is also a large public…
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